An excellent faculty is central to the greatness of a university.

The foundation of a Colgate education is built upon lively and active scholars bringing new ideas and perspectives into the classroom. 

To remain competitive with the nation’s elite institutions, we must enhance our academic enterprise by recruiting, retaining, and recognizing leading scholar-teachers who are committed to sharing the knowledge they create — both with peers and talented students.


Professor sits with students and leads a discussion.

Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs are key vehicles to expand Colgate faculty excellence and strength. These awards help foster a culture of academic excellence and prestige, offering holders dedicated funds and time to deepen and enhance their scholarship and teaching efforts.

Colgate seeks to add 25 new endowed chairs in the following areas to support existing faculty, hire new faculty for new academic initiatives, and bolster Third-Century Plan initiatives:

  • Endowed chairs in the Middle Campus initiative
  • Endowed chairs in the Robert H.N. Ho Mind, Brain, and Behavior Initiative
  • Endowed chairs in policy studies
  • Endowed chairs in support of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion
  • Endowed chairs in support of the current Colgate faculty

My endowed chair shows the world that Colgate has placed an especially high value on my contribution to scholarship and to the University. This is perhaps the greatest recognition I could receive. It certainly encourages me to continue to devote all my energies to this institution.

Padma Kaimal headshot
Padma Kaimal Professor of Art and Art History; Michael J. Batza Chair for Art and Art History
Professor writes on a whiteboard while addressing classroom

Additional Faculty Support

Fully supporting faculty members and the heart of Colgate’s academic enterprise will require significant investments in addition to endowed chairs.

With support provided through the Campaign for the Third Century, Colgate will introduce new forms of endowed support for Colgate faculty at all career levels:

Provides teaching releases, travel grants, research funding, summer stipends, and research assistant support to enable Colgate to recruit highly sought-after and/or retain superior newly hired faculty.

Held by faculty members for a period of one to three years, these fellowships provide release time from teaching and financial support to faculty to allow them to focus their intellectual energies on a specific creative, research, or curricular project.

Typically granted to outside scholars or practitioners for terms of one semester to three years, these fellowships carry expectations for both teaching and public scholarship.

Allows departments to attract and retain top scholar-teachers by offering competitive signing incentives, support for research, and other benefits.

The first investment in the development of a new Colgate faculty member, these awards can be used to outfit classrooms/labs, purchase equipment, fund research trips, pay research assistants, or hold colloquia or workshops.

Experts can be invited to participate in a symposium-style discussion of works in progress. In this setting, select faculty members will receive transformative feedback about readying a manuscript in its final stages for submission to an appropriate press.