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Colgate’s Third Century

Colgate’s Third-Century Plan is a long-term roadmap to guide actions and resources across all parts of the University in service of a significant transformation of Colgate.

Under the Plan, Colgate will enhance its academic program, complete its campus, attract and support new levels of talent, and fully realize Colgate’s potential to become a national leader.


Casting a wider net.

We are building our future on a foundation of greater national reach, selectivity and diversity by:

  • Eliminating tuition for many
  • Eliminating debt for most
  • Casting a wider net for top students

We have already more than doubled applications and lifted our academic competitiveness.

Professor addressing an outdoor classroom


Building on our academic strengths.

The historic and academic heart of Colgate is rising to meet the needs of 21st-century students.

  • Olin Hall, a center for the study of the mind
  • Benton Hall, a new home for career services

By investing in these important new research facilities, cross-disciplinary curricula and career development, we will make our uniquely rigorous liberal arts education even stronger.


Completing the Residential Commons.

Colgate will be the first undergraduate liberal arts institution in the country to offer a cohesive, premier residential system.

  • Burke & Pinchin Halls, expanding our residential quad
  • Fox Hall, the beginning of the Fifth Residential Commons
  • New or improved shared dining, study and green spaces

Akin to that of larger, elite universities, our Residential Commons system supports the first and second-year student experience while reinforcing Colgate’s architectural heritage.

The Burke-Pinchin quadrangle from above


Giving creativity and innovation a central stage.

A new Middle Campus will infuse arts, technology and innovation into all parts of life at Colgate, and will provide a new academic centerpiece.

  • Bernstein Hall
  • A restored Dana Center and new Performing and Visual Arts Center
  • Peter's Glen, a newly-landscaped central crossing and meeting point


Attracting and rewarding outstanding scholar-teachers.

By creating 25 endowed chairs—the single largest such effort in our history—we are dramatically expanding our academic footprint, bringing more world-class educators to Colgate and providing significantly more support for their work as teachers and scholars.


Competing at an even higher level.

Our Division I status has always been a unique dimension of Colgate, and is symbolic of our institutional ambitions for excellence.

  • Critical upgrades to the Reid Athletic Center
  • A new Health and Performance Center
  • Increased efforts to recruit top student-athletes and coaches

Our investments in athletics will advance our ability to compete with the best, and will elevate the role of physical well-being in daily life for all members of our community.


Transforming life in Lower Campus.

We will physically complete Colgate by turning Lower Campus into a true residential district that is more architecturally and socially connected to campus.

  • New housing for juniors and seniors
  • Dining, study and community spaces that foster greater interchange
  • New paths and green space that connect seamlessly to campus

This district will provide housing for all juniors and seniors, and its landscape design will make Colgate a more cohesive, beautiful place.

Aerial of Lower Campus and Broad Street

We are completing Colgate.

The work underway will both complete our campus and help us fully realize our potential to become one of the great institutions in the nation — and perhaps the most important undergraduate institution in the country.

Your support makes Colgate’s historic transformation possible.

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