The Third-Century Plan

Colgate University looks toward its third century with both pride and a sense of possibility.

The Third-Century Plan represents the largest and most important transformation in the history of Colgate. It will both complete our physical campus and fully realize our potential to become one of the great institutions in the nation — and, perhaps, one of the most important undergraduate colleges in the country.

The plan includes several sub-plans, including The Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and The  Third-Century Sustainability Plan.

The Fundamentals of the Third-Century Plan

The Third-Century Plan sets forth long-term goals and aspirations in four fundamental areas of the University. It also identifies the first initiatives designed to move the University toward the obtainment of these longerterm goals. Current resources will allow us to take these first steps; fundraising will allow us to meet the long-term goals. As we proceed, we will measure ourselves against our longer-term goals, while continually refining those steps and initiatives that will move us forward.

The Third-Century Plan is continually monitored by the Board, administration, and faculty to measure progress against its goals and to show effort applied in service of its initiatives.

I. Attracting and Supporting Outstanding Students and Faculty

II. Strengthening the University’s Academic Enterprise

III. Enriching the Student Experience

IV. Improving the Campus and the Environment

Colgate is committed, through the adoption of this Third-Century Plan, to true excellence and to the deliberate, long-term time frame and effort that excellence requires.

The Third-Century Plan, Overview