Residential Life

The way students live at Colgate shapes their education and their experiences.

Colgate’s Residential Commons system is grounded in the desire for all students to have a strong foundational community. Within their commons, they experience tradition, build class unity, and cultivate an affinity for the University.

By completing the Residential Commons system and rebuilding Lower Campus, we can create a cohesive, distinctive, and inclusive four-year residential experience that allows all students to truly live the liberal arts. Along the way, the commons system will foster bonds among members of the community and connect students, faculty, and staff to the University itself.


Students talk in residence hall room

The Endeavor

  • Students talking with faculty mentors

    Complete the Residential Commons system for first-year and sophomore students.

  • Exterior of Bunche House

    Transform Lower Campus into an architecturally cohesive district, with excellent and equitable housing for all juniors and seniors.

  • Interior shot of dining hall

    Create new dining, study, and community spaces that foster greater interchange among students.

Fox Hall and the Fifth Commons demonstrate the University’s long-term commitment to create a comprehensive, inclusive residential program, stretching from the residential quadrangle at the top of the Hill to Broad Street and Lower Campus

Headshot of Paul McLoughlin
Paul J. McLoughlin II Vice President and Dean of the College